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Contact QRAT

Queensland Remote Area Tracking

Emergency Services

Queensland Remote Area Tracking (QRAT) can be activated by any emergency service that requires our capabilities or assistance. 
Examples are Police, Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services, or other search and rescue agencies.
If you are a member of the public and reporting an emergency, you should contact the local police.


In order to activate Queensland Remote Area Tracking (QRAT), the agency representative should select the group that is closest to their region, and ring the numbers below in chronological order. 
From there we will check availability, and report back as to the teams’ ability to activate. 

Central Queensland

Emitt Brown                                                                                      
Mobile: 0429997411                                                                                                              
Nathan Gelhaar                                                                                 
Mobile: 0448208720

South East Queensland

Rich Hungerford
Mobile:  0409885949
Dean West
Mobile: 0431890761

The team will consider its role in a particular activation terminated when agencies’ no longer need our service, the task is deemed outside our capability, or if the situation results in QRAT’s minimum safe operating procedures are unmet.

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