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Queensland Remote Area Tracking Incorporated (QRAT)

QRAT is a charitable not-for-profit Incorporated Association, that was established with the purpose of advancing the social or public welfare of the Australian public, by directly targeting and providing for the relief of suffering, misfortune and helplessness of:
  • those persons lost in remote or wilderness areas by purposefully finding, rendering safe, and returning them to safety.
  • those despondent persons seeking to self-harm in remote or wilderness areas by purposefully finding, rendering safe, and returning them to safety.
  • those persons who are the immediate families and friends of the lost and despondent by purposefully finding, and returning their loved ones to them. If found deceased, by providing closure to distressed families who would otherwise not recover over the passage of time.
  • those persons who are victims of natural disaster by,
    • directly providing essential communications systems allowing those in dire need to be rendered safe by allowing emergency communication with and access to emergency services at critical times when all other services are not functioning.
    • safely leading emergency services to stranded victims of natural disasters and returning them to safety.
    • Purposefully finding, rendering safe, and returning victims of natural disasters to safety.
  • those persons who have served or are serving in defence forces or emergency services, and are victims of the health issues associated with such service ie: (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Social isolation, and Substance abuse), by transitioning veterans through supported volunteer search and rescue community service. Queensland Remote Area Tracking Incorporated directly relieves the suffering and helplessness of veterans by,
    • Engaging veterans in and enhancing healthy lifestyles through physically active training and participation.
    • Encouraging involvement in community activities through training for, and participation in, emergency activations and community events.
    • Reducing social isolation through volunteering and regularly meeting with like-minded peers who have shared experiences.
    • Increasing access to community services through counselling and advocacy.
    • Increasing social connectedness through supported volunteer search and rescue community service.
    • Increasing mental wellness through counselling and the dutiful use of unique skills while training and participating in supported volunteer search and rescue community service. More about QRAT.


Emitt Brown

The driving force behind Queensland Remote Area Tracking

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Nathan Gelhaar

The driving force behind Queensland Remote Area Tracking

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Missing persons

If you or a loved one are missing in the bush, QRAT using a mix of technological, traditional, and military skills will be there to help.

QRAT is a highly trained professional group that offers greater evidence gathering and remote area access than any other volunteer emergency service currently available. Anytime of the day or night in all weather and terrain, QRAT will be searching.

Queensland Remote Area Tracking provides an invaluable, unprecedented emergency service for Queensland. 
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  • Bank: ANZ
  • Name: QRAT Fund
  • BSB: 014023
  • ACC: 465917169

Donations can be made anonymously, or you can use your name or the name of your business as reference for the payment.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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Queensland Remote Area Tracking

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Drones, mapping & communication

QRAT provides Drone, Mapping and Communication equipment and resources that that prepare it’s members to immediately, when called upon, safely target and directly relieve the suffering, misfortune and helplessness of lost persons, and the victims of natural disaster, and are able to provide dynamic capable personnel in any emergency including fires, floods, and cyclones. Learn more about our equipment.

Specialised equipment, resources & training

In order to be effective and significantly contribute to saving lives, we need specialised equipment and resources that are expensive to acquire.
It costs more than $4000 to equip and train each QRAT member. This cost is far beyond most capable volunteers to provide privately, and in order to continue and grow we need all of the help we can get. Saving just one life is worth it and we have been directly involved in finding and saving many.

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